Oscar Niemeyer

December 16, 2008


He created such striking buildings and the one above almost looks space age. If i had to choice a favorite Architect, with my mind set at the moment, i would choos him.


Le Corbusier

December 16, 2008


I learnt of his work as i was travelling through the Jura with friends. with more research i believe he is a true master.

Luis Barragan

December 12, 2008



A mexican Architect that was born at the beggining of the last century.

I like the complexity, yet simple look of his designs.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

December 12, 2008



A German Architect,how i have quite recently start seeing alot of his work. I love his use of Glass and sraight lines. In most of the images of buildings i have seen, they seem to be very unluttered, fresh and open.

Charles Ormond Eames

December 2, 2008


He achieved international recognition with his wife Ray Eames, they designed buildings, furniture even toys.

Paolo Soleri

November 29, 2008


He is one of the best-known Utopian planners of the twentieth century.

Mario Botta

November 29, 2008


He is a very contemporary architect, he lives in Switzerland and most of his projects have been built in Lugano, where he works.